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Our Burgers

The Big Cheese

This burger has a blend of flavours that should knock your socks off! The sweet, sticky balsamic jam onions, break perfectly through the rich and creamy, yet mature flavours of the cheese layers below, all firmly supported by a foundation of peppery rocket and a 100% pure beef patty!

The Dark Horse

This burger is unusual, yet perfectly balanced fusion of classic oven roast flavours & condiments including garlic, rosemary, mint and creamy horseradish all topped with crispy golden onion rings. Once again the foundation is our super meaty beef patty – but this time there’s a sheepish twist.

The Big Smoke

This burger is a powerhouse of bold smoky BBQ flavours, layered on a solid foundation of creamy garlic, decorated with various textures and ingredients like feta, mushrooms and peppadews which will keep your taste buds intrigued. This, of course, all built around our robust and super meaty pure beef patty!


The Oriental Fusion

This burger boasts the bold flavours of the classic Green Thai Curry. Built on a bed of lime bathed slaw, the chicken fillets are smothered in our fresh green Thai sauce. With a golden, deep fried rice patty, zingy spring onions and a burst of red chilli, we bring all aspects of this original dish onto the burger!

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